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During the Spring of 2022, individuals living in HLS residences who test positive for COVID will isolate in place.

HLS will support you with a once-daily delivery of meals, courtesy of HUDS and delivered by our facilities team to your room. Please immediately email to express your dietary needs and preferences (omnivore, vegan, food allergy, religious guidelines, etc).

You will receive:

  • A complete hot lunch/brunch entrée and sides, drawn from the existing HLS menu, plated and delivered hot
  • Plus a complementing supply of cold or shelf-stable items:
    • Breakfast: yogurt (2), banana, muffin, bagel, peanut butter, cream cheese
    • Dinner: sandwich, salad, salad dressing, pretzels or chips, dessert (such as cake or pie), apple or orange
    • Snacks: salty and sweet snacks like hummus and crudite, dried fruit and nuts, pretzels or chips, protein bar, cookie
    • Beverages: bottled water orange juice, tea bags


This will be delivered around noontime daily. Please immediately consume or refrigerate perishables – the hot meal as well as any cold, non-shelf-stable items.