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Isolation Meal Pick-Up

Individuals who live in College housing who need to isolate in place will access meals at their normal home dining halls.

Leaving Isolation for Meal PickUp

  • Masking: You must wear a well-fitted face covering or mask any time you are leaving your room or suite during isolation. Mask must remain on at all times. Avoid unnecessary interaction with others when leaving isolation for essential needs and maintain physical distancing to the extent possible. Use high-quality disposable masks. If you need some, they are available from your building manager.  Individuals who are isolating may not dine or consume food or beverage outside of their isolation space, and must immediately return to isolation after retrieving meal. 

Meal PickUp Procedure

  • Individual emails the home dining hall (see list below) as well as to notify the dining hall management team that they will be picking up meals to go for isolation for a period of time. Please await a confirming email that the dining hall is expecting you. (Note: if you have tested positive and it is near the end of the meal period, please reach out to a friend or other residential support and ask them to assist you in picking up food immediately. There are always compostable containers available at the dining hall.)
  • At every meal period during the period of isolation, a bag will be available at the checker’s desk with the individual's initials and several to-go containers, plus cutlery and napkins.
  • The individual looks at the online menu to determine what they are interested in for a meal to expedite pick-up
  • The individual should then come in fully masked and distanced (i.e. not with a group of other students), swipe their ID, and then pick up the bag.
  • The individual will go through the serving area expeditiously to pick their own food and depart the dining hall.
  • Isolation guests are asked to come in at the beginning or end of meal periods when there is the least amount of traffic - for breakfast at 7:30am or 10am, lunch at 11:30am or 1:30pm, dinner at 5pm. (If your isolation begins too late for the early dinner pick-up, you may come at the end of the meal period (7-7:30pm), though we ask you to avoid that for the remainder of your isolation as much as possible.)
  • Please take care with perishables: please eat or dispose of food items within 90 minutes unless you have a refrigerator.
  • If you have an approved dietary accommodation and need alternate meals or provisions, please email A HUDS team member will work with you to supply appropriate items during the course of your isolation.



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