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Isolation Meal Pick-Up

During Summer School 2022 (June 18 - August 5), individuals who test positive for COVID will isolate in place. HUDS has established dedicated pick-up locations for those individuals who are living in College housing and who do not have a kitchen to come and safely pick up meals daily. Individuals in isolation will go to Leverett House or Currier House (see below location instructions), where meals and snacks will be available for pick-up. 

Isolation meal pick-up times are:

  • Breakfast: 7:30-8:30am
  • Lunch: 11:30am-1pm
  • Dinner: 5-6:30pm


Key information/guidance related to meal pick-up:

  • The dedicated space for your affiliated residence is listed below. Follow specific guidance for dedicated entry and exit (look for posted signs) that ensures minimal close contact with other students. These spaces are for your use to pick up meals, snacks, beverages and other supplies to support you during your isolation.

  • Please take care with perishables: please eat or dispose of food items within 90 minutes unless you have a refrigerator.

  • If you have an approved dietary accommodation and need alternate meals or provisions, please email A HUDS team member will work with you to supply appropriate items during the course of your isolation.

  • Please respect and adhere to the posted pick-up timeframes for meals. These are strictly enforced to ensure that staff members have appropriate times to access the space to clean, sanitize and resupply without risk to the team.

  • Take what you want and need, but for the sake of others in your community using this service, please refrain from “stocking up”. We will replenish supplies prior to every meal pick-up time.

  • If you have comments or questions, please use the posted TextNTell feedback system and we will address your concerns prior to the next meal pick-up time.



Location for Isolation Supplies Pickup 

Supporting the additional Houses:


Poker Room (Bingham Lower Level) - enter via Main Entrance, down the stairs, pass through the “fish bowl” lounge, turn right at the hallway, Poker Room is first room on the right after women’s bathroom. Note: there are two entry doors to the Poker Room – please use the one with the posted pick-up hours.



Janulis Common Room –enter via the main entrance at the corner of Memorial Drive and DeWolfe Streets. Janulis is in the corridor on your left.

Yard, 1201 Mass Ave (the Inn), Lowell, Winthrop, Dunster