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How to Participate

Interested in being a Farmers' Market vendor? Apply online by March 18, 2024. Applications received after March 18th will be reviewed on a case by case, as-needed basis.

Before submitting your application, please familiarize yourself with the market rules. If your application is accepted, you will be asked to sign off on this document.


We aim to select the greatest variety of vendors to sell at the Farmers’ Market at Harvard.


•    The 2024 market will operate on Tuesdays from June 18th until October 29th.  
•    Vendors must participate weekly.
•    The hours of the market are 11:30am-5:30pm. 
•    Vendors must register with the City of Cambridge Public Health department and meet all other food safety requirements pertinent to their products.


•    Market friendliness and professionalism are extremely important- in interactions with the market managers, customers, and other vendors.
•    Producers must be local (from New England) with preference given to Massachusetts-based entities.
•    We encourage all vendors to apply, though are especially looking for: cheese, organic produce, honey, pasta, herbs/spices, and bean vendors. 
•    Value-added food vendors will be evaluated based partly on where and how their ingredients are grown and processed.
•    We support family or cooperatively owned businesses that use fair labor practices.
•    Though Cambridge is a relatively affluent area we have many SNAP customers and students in debt who shop at the market and value vendors who offer affordable and healthy options.
•    We encourage and prioritize producers who practice (or use ingredients from) sustainable farming methods including IPM or organic growing practices and pastured and humane livestock stewardship.