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Nutrition & Dietary Preferences

HUDS’ nutrition standards are based on the recommendations of the Harvard School of Public Health’s Department of Nutrition. We model our menu on the Healthy Eating Food Plate, and emphasize such cornerstones as lean proteins, fresh vegetables, beans and whole grains, and healthy fats. To learn more, visit the HSPH Nutrition Source.

Our online menu, viewable from the web or the Harvard app, allows you to view a nutritional analysis for every item we serve.

To ensure you the freshest products, and to actively support regional industries, HUDS buys locally whenever possible. In addition, we consider the environmental impact of our operations and make every effort to reduce our water and energy use. Every undergraduate dining hall is Certified Green Restaurant. Learn more about HUDS efforts here.

Vegetarian & Vegan

Our menu includes selections at every meal and at every station for vegetarian and vegan diners, including soups, entrees, deli selections, and pasta sauces. Menu items are marked in the online menu and on menu cards to make your dining selections easier. 

A Note About Frying Oil: Fried foods such as French fries may be cooked in fryer oil that previously served to prepare fish or chicken. Whenever possible our vegetarian entree dishes are not fried, but please be advised that any food that is fried may have been commingled with animal proteins.

Kosher diners have two options for their meals. Each dining hall has a kosher area and a selection of hot and cold items for personal preparation. Additionally, the meal plan entitles you to dine at Hillel Kosher Kitchen, which serves dinner Sunday through Thursday, and lunch on Saturdays, as well as Shabbat meals. To learn more, visit Harvard Hillel online:


Halal diners may use the online menu filter to identify items in the dining hall that have been prepared with pork or alcohol. Additionally, Halal chicken is available at the grill in every dining hall. Twice per week, HUDS prepares a family style meal for the Halal community; students should contact the Islamic Society for specific days, times and sites.