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Learnings Reports

Each year, Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS) will produce a Learnings Report of the prior academic year. Below you will find both the Innaugural (2021-22) and the 2022-23 Learnings Report.

I appreciate the chance to reflect on and celebrate our many successes, even while we forge ahead with ambitious new plans. In the most recent Report you will see how the pilots of my first full year leading HUDS evolved into sustainable, meaningful community engagement and new pathways for growth. Every member of our extraordinary team contributed to this work and the collective effort means everything to our success.

I look forward to our continued, collective work to advance our local, regional and global food system.

2022-23 Learnings Report

2021-22 Learnings Report


In community,

Smitha S. H. Haneef, Managing Director, Harvard University Dining Service