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Event Services

Crimson Event Services (CES) is the premier provider of event resources for Harvard University, specializing in the delivery and setup of tents, tables, and other physical resources for outdoor gatherings. With a deep understanding of the historic campus and grounds, and in support of the forward-looking strategic framework for hospitality within Harvard University Dining Services, our team takes special care to ensure that every event is executed with the utmost respect for the university's rich heritage.

Led by Associate Director Daniel Caterino, the event service department is dedicated to handling every aspect of the event planning process with precision and expertise. From securing permits to managing vendors, we work tirelessly to create a safe, comfortable, and seamless event experience.

When you choose Crimson Event Services, you can trust that your event will be in capable hands. Let us take the stress out of your next outdoor gathering and ensure that every detail is executed flawlessly.


Crimson Event Services will support the following Event Operation aspects for Outdoor Events:

  • Equipment Rentals (Full Service & Limited)
    • Liaison with equipment vendors to secure the following equipment:
    • Tent Kenrais
    • Table & Chair Rentals
    • Stanchions, Fencing, & Steel Barner Rentals
    • Wheelchairs
    • Ramps
    • Tent Lighting Coordination and general AV Needs
    • Portable Restrooms
    • Stages & Platforms
    • Flooring
    • Water buggies for larger events
    • Warer Sration nirs
    • Fire Details, Fire Permits & BMI Support
  • Coordinate Event Logistics (Full-Service only)
    • Creating diagrams of event(s)
    • Coordinating vendor delivery & pick-up scheduling
    • Coordinating set-up needs
    • Coordination with internal departments for event support
      • Electrical & Plumbing installations
      • Waste Receptacles & Waste Removal
      • Landscape maintenance & Irrigation shutoffs
      • Securtty Coordination - Event setup & Access needs
      • Signage & Banner installations

*Crimson Event Services requires an 8% Administration Fee for services provided.


Important points to consider when requesting services from Crimson Event Services:

  1. We usually do not handle indoor events unless they are associated with a flagship event.
  2. Ensure you have your venue booked, including restroom accommodations if portable units are not being rented.
  3. We do not manage stage productions for events, but we can connect you with internal partners or external vendors to meet your audio and visual requirements.
  4. Please plan your event signage carefully, and we can assist in coordinating with printing vendors and arranging installation with FMO-Partner


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