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GradPlus - Graduate or Professional School Student Meal Plan

Any Harvard graduate or professional school students may elect to purchase a declining balance meal plan for use in designated Harvard University Dining Services Campus Cafes. Recognizing that food is a universal connector, the meal plan was established to foster and nourish your community experience. Nothing is as unifying as a shared meal!

The meal plan follows the academic calendar and consists of two allotments of declining balance dollars  ($400 for the fall 2022 semester, uploaded on August 29; and $500 for the spring 2023 semester, uploaded on January 2). In addition, you will receive a 10% discount for any purchase made with your meal plan.


  • The meal plan is only available to currently enrolled Harvard graduate or professional school students.
  • The meal plan follows the academic year calendar. Only the following Harvard University Dining Services’ campus café locations are eligible for meal plan use (note: inclement weather may impact location availability):


Days of Service

Meals Served


Monday – Friday


B, L, D



Monday - Friday

B, L


Monday - Friday

B, L

GSAS Commons

Monday - Friday

L, D


Monday - Friday

B, L


Monday - Friday

B, L


  • View the daily menu online.
  • Meal plan dollars may only be used for food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases.
  • Special Dietary Needs: Our staff is well trained in managing and assisting with special dietary needs. You can connect with the Accessible Education Office, but are also strongly encouraged to self-identify and meet with the HUDS Café Manager as well as the HUDS Registered Dietitian, who will work with you to identify resources in support of your needs.
  • You must always present your ID card at the time of purchase to enjoy a meal using your meal plan. ID cards and meals are non-transferable.
  • Individuals enrolling after the start of the semester may be added on the first of the month, with the cost prorated by $100 for each month (for example, if you join in October, the fee will be $300).
  • Late enrollments will only be accepted for October 1, November 1, February 1 or March 1. 
  • Declining balance dollars will be allocated at the beginning of each semester and will roll over from the fall semester to the spring, if enrolled. Unused declining balance dollars will be forfeited at the end of the academic year (last day of exams). There will be no meal plan refunds.


To Enroll

If paying by credit card or term bill, email the completed contract to:
Sofia Printemps,

Contact Sofia Printemps at 617-495-2710 or by email at ( with questions regarding the program.


Please note: If a student has an active student account (termbill account), their university charges have to show on their student accounts. For payees who do not have a student account, check and credit card payment are available.