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In 2024, Ramadan will last from Sunday, March 10 through Tuesday, April 9. HUDS works in partnership with Harvard's Muslim Chaplains to support community members observing Ramadan. 

The Muslim Chaplains will will host a range of community programming during that time, including Thursday and Friday communal iftar dinners hosted at the SOCH and open to all current Harvard affiliates participating in Ramadan. The dates and times for those dinners will be March 21 & 22, March 28 & 29, and April 4 & 5. 


Undergraduates and College meal plan affiliates with a board plan can expect the following:

  • Because the latest sunset during Ramadan takes place on April 8 at 7:18pm, HUDS can accommodate any observant students during regular dining hall hours. Individuals may also request a to-go container from your dining hall checker to create a plate for consumption later. These are available at all dining halls, and of course include the availability of a halal entree at every location.

  • Dates and water, for breaking fast, will also be available at every dining hall.

  • Meal plan participants may also elect to pick up a bag of breakfast provisions at dinnertime, or participate in preparing a hot breakfast in a designated residence community kitchen using provisions supplied by HUDS. 

    • Pre-bagged individual breakfast can be ordered online by undergraduates through the Harvard bag meal portal and include: Bagel with cream cheese, halal chicken wrap with lettuce, tomato, banana, apple or orange, fresh fruit cup, Chobani yogurt, muffin or croissant, hard boiled eggs, cereal cup and milk, granola bar, juice, cold bean salad such as chickpea, lentil, black bean, or edamame

      • Note: Proctors, tutors and other residential affiliates observing Ramadan who have a meal plan but who do not have access to the bag meal ordering system should coordinate directly with your dining hall staff.

    • Packouts of breakfast ingredients for a group (ideally 6 or more) can be ordered online by undergraduates through the Harvard packout system and include: eggs, cheese, cut veggies (peppers and onions), breads and bagels, cream cheese, grilled halal chicken, a plant-based breakfast sausage, hand fruit and fruit salad, cereal cups and milk, juice. 

      • For those of you coordinating group preparation of Suhoor, please note that kitchens have been identified in every House and the Yard (listed below). Please notify us at least 2-3 days in advance and provide the HUID of participating students. We'll create a "packout" of corresponding amounts of food that can be picked up the night prior.

  • If you are required to isolate in place during Ramadan, please email A HUDS team member will work with you to supply appropriate items during the course of your isolation.


Residence Kitchen Location 
Adams  Claverly Kitchen, Claverly G08C
Cabot Briggs Basement Kitchen (B-02)
Currier Gilbert Living Room (1st flr)
Dunster Student Kitchen in Basement (West 022)
First-Year Yards  Thayer Basement Kitchen/Common Room 
Eliot  H entryway student kitchen
Kirkland Community Kitchen in Bryan basement
Leverett Leverett House Kitchen in the McKinlock Basement (Rabbit Hole)
Lowell Community kitchen in basement, EL04
Mather Community kitchen in JCR
Pforzheimer  Wolback Common Room,  Jordan South Basement
Quincy Stone Hall Basement
Winthrop  Standish Basement