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Other Useful Info

If You Don’t See It, Ask
Our policy is simple: You are welcome to whatever is in our kitchen, even if it’s not on that day’s menu. That said, unless you have made prior arrangements for a bag meal, all food must be enjoyed in the dining hall.

Table Tents
Table tent advertisements are free for any Harvard student group, and reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Groups are limited to one advertisement of 75 words or less per semester, and may be accompanied by a logo if space permits. HUDS reserves the right to edit entries for space and sensitivity to the campus population. Make a reservation with

Faculty Meals
In order to support and enrich the intergenerational communities in residence, students may invite any FAS faculty, senior lecturer, lecturer or head coach to eat in the House dining halls and Annenberg at any meal, any day of the week (this program does not include post-docs). Those faculty may enjoy up to 10 meals a semester through the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) Student/Faculty Dining Program. Faculty may join you at your home dining hall by simply swiping with a Harvard ID through the dining hall checker's card swipe. Faculty may not swipe multiple times in a meal or swipe for guests.

Pack Outs/BBQ/Catering
Take-out options are available for groups of students in need of a meal replacement for both on- and off-campus events. Visit here for more information.