Kosher Dining & Halal Dining at Harvard College

Kosher Dining

Hillel Kosher Kitchen at Harvard Hillel (52 Mt. Auburn Street) will welcome you nightly for dinner from 5-7pm. In addition to dinner, we will also have prepared bag meals that you may pick up for the following day’s lunch, should you choose. In addition, you may access kosher items from the kosher corner in your normal dining hall.

  • Dinner at Hillel Kosher Kitchen Sunday through Friday, 5-7pm
  • Lunch at Hillel Kosher Kitchen Saturday, Noon-2pm
  • Bagged vegetarian and meat lunches, featuring a heatable entree and sides, at Annenberg or Quincy Sunday through Friday, 11:30am-2pm
  • Three kosher options (1 meat sandwich, 1 vegan sandwich and 1 daily chef special) per day at FlyBy (both Memorial Hall and SEC locations)
  • Selections at every residential dining hall in the kosher corner of reheatable entrees, sandwich makings, and soups


Halal Dining

Students keeping halal will find several options to support them:

  • FlyBy (at Memorial Hall and SEC) will feature a daily halal protein sandwich or salad.
  • On HUDS’ online menu, you’ll see a daily halal entrée listed at both lunch and dinner. 
    • This entrée will be available at every dining hall – all you need to do, when you come in, is ask a manager to get it for you. You should anticipate a roughly 10 minute wait while we prepare this for you. You do not need to pre-order.
    • Alternately, this entrée will also be available at a designated station, with no wait, at Annenberg Hall, Cabot House and Adams House
  • In addition, on HUDS' online menu, we flag ingredients containing pork and alcohol (which, beyond obvious items such as chablis, includes vanilla). We do not identify items containing vinegar as containing alcohol.
  • All items will be listed on the HUDS web menus to allow for additional ingredient or allergen searches.