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Terms & Conditions

Crimson Catering strives to present the best full-service catering products and services to our customers. Please consult these ordering guidelines when planning your next event.
Ordering Guidelines
We require all orders to be placed at least 48 hours in advance. We recommend that you place your order well ahead of time to ensure availability.
Delivery Information
Normal delivery hours:           
Monday – Friday,  7am – 5pm
Saturday,  7am – 3pm
No delivery fee will be charged for food orders of at least $75.
Afterhours and Sunday deliveries require a $1,000 food minimum. Please note that these deliveries are subject to availability and a labor-and-delivery fee.

Delivery Location Access
We require access to your delivery location 30 minutes prior to your event. Large events will require additional set-up time.
Disposable Service
We offer compostable products at $1.50 per person and recyclable products at $2.00 per person. We provide 5% extra service items above your guest count.
Linen Service
Standard Linen (available in White and Crimson)
6 foot floor length tablecloth – $30
8 foot floor length tablecloth – $35
60-inch floor length white cloth – $20
Standard Linen for Meal Service* – $4 per person
*Includes dining tables cloths, tray stand linens, cloth napkins, and breadbaskets.
Specialty Linen
Please consult our sales team to see our large selection of specialty linen.
China Service
Breakfast – $5-6 per person
Lunch – $6-12 per person
Reception – $3-5 per person
Dinner – $8-14 per person
Rental of Equipment
Please contact our events team to rent tables and chairs.
Room Reservations
Please reserve your event space or meeting room before placing your Crimson Catering order.

Special Dietary Meals
Gluten-free, Lactose-free, kosher, vegetarian, vegan, and any other special dietary meals can be provided for an additional fee.
Payment Guidelines
We accept the Harvard University 33-digit billing code, Visa, Master Card, American Express and personal checks. Only 33-digit billing codes will be accepted for online ordering.
Administrative Fee
All Crimson Catering events will be assessed a 6% administrative fee. The administrative fee is not a tip or gratuity for our staff. The administrative fee is used to defray the expenses of Crimson Catering.
Massachusetts Meals Tax
All orders paid by check or credit card will be charged 6.25% state sales and meals tax and a 0.75% local tax. To place a tax-exempt order, please fax a copy of your ST2 and ST5 tax-exempt forms with your order.
Flowers and decorative requests are subject to a fee.
Event Staffing
Attendants / Bartenders – $150 (4 hour minimum)
Chefs to attend action stations – $175 (3 hour maximum)
Culinary team to prepare and plate* – $100 (3 hour maximum)
Event management – $150 - $200 (4 hour minimum)
* Each culinary team can serve 30 guests.
Event & Food Safety
For your safety, we prohibit guests from carrying out perishable food and require an attendant at all events that feature a burning flame.
Food Donations
Any leftover food that meets our food safety guidelines will be donated to a local food bank.
Contract / Event Orders
All paper event orders must be signed and returned to our sales office prior to your event. Online orders can be accepted online.

Guest Counts
Guest counts must be submitted to our catering sales office by 12pm at least 3 working days in advance. During peak event season—which includes football season, holiday season, and Commencement—guest counts must be submitted by 12pm at least 5 working days in advance. If you do not submit your guest count, we will use the count provided on your most recent event order on record.

Please notify our sales office by 12pm at least 3 working days in advance. Cancellations after this deadline will be charged 50% of the cost of the event. Late cancellations due to severe weather will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.