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Now Hiring: Farmers' Market Asst

Job: Assistant Market Manager, Farmer’s Market at Harvard

Job Description

The assistant market manager is responsible for supporting the Food Literacy Project Manager with the operations of the Farmers’ Market at Harvard University. The assistant market manager is the “go-to” persons for vendors and consumers during market hours. The job requires personal confidence and the ability to effectively communicate with a variety of people. Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS) relies on the managers to be its liaisons with and between all parties served by the market. 

This is a part-time, hourly position, working on-site at the market, which runs from approximately 10:30am – 6:30pm on Tuesdays through Thanksgiving. This position may be divided among several candidates in order to cover the full day’s operation. 


General Requirements:
Assistant managers are required to be available for cell phone contact with HUDS staff on market day and for regular e-mail contact throughout the duration of their employment. Assistant managers must be willing and able to work outdoors and to safely lift and carry 50 pounds. The position requires the ability to work independently as well as interdependently with a team of other market members. 

Specific Responsibilities:
Assists with operations of market 10:30am – 6:30pm Tuesdays through Thanksgiving. May assist with market set up, staffing the Market Manager’s Tent, and market break down. 

  • Develops and maintains good working relationships with vendors, consumers, community members, and HUDS staff. Provides market-related information, conflict resolution, and general aid. 
  • Provides vendors with limited set-up help, brief personal breaks, and sales help during especially busy times.
  • Administers SNAP Match Program at the Market. 
  • Manages sales of market merchandise, including t-shirts, and reusable bags.
  • Ensures safety and cleanliness of the site before, during, and at the conclusion of each market.
  • Promotes the Market via social media, and contributes to the weekly Farmer’s Market Newsletter.



The ideal candidate will have an interest in local agriculture, food, and community. S/he must be reliable, friendly, and self-motivated. S/he must be self-sufficient and comfortable assuming a leadership role. If the candidate expects to be unavailable on any Tuesday that falls during the market season s/he must notify HUDS during his/her interview and/or let the market manager know as early as possible in advance of the anticipated absence. 


Compensation: $17/hr

To Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to