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Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.

Within this menu listing, items marked with an * are served raw or undercooked, or contain (or may contain) raw or undercooked ingredients.

Tea Time
Assorted Shortbread Cookies, Linzer Cookies, Scones & Mini Tea Cakes served with Classic Clotted Cream, Jams, Jellies & Assorted Herbal Teas
$8.25 per person • 12 person minimum
Add Assorted Tea Sandwiches - $3.75 per person

Ice Cream Sundae Bar
Rich Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate Ice Cream with toppings to include: Crushed Oreos, M&M's, Whipped Cream, Jimmies, Chocolate Sauce, Cherries, Chopped Nuts, Strawberries, Reese's Pieces, Assorted Still & Sparkling Waters
$7.95 per person • 15 person minimum
Attendant Required

Sweet & Salty Break
Assorted individual bags of Salty Snacks to include: Pretzels, Fritos, Cape Cod Chips, Smartfood, Mixed Nuts, a Variety of Snack Size Candy Bars & Assorted Soft Drinks
$6.50 per person

The Crunch & Crisp
Assorted individual bags of Organic Almonds, Cashews, Trail Mix & Tropical Delight Mix, accompanied by Locally Grown Apples & Assorted Juices
$7 per person

The European
Array of International Hard & Soft Cheeses with Grapes, Berries, Sliced Baguette & Carr's Crackers Assorted Plain & Sparkling Waters
$6 per person

The New Englander
Cranberry Nut Cookies, Cape Cod Potato Chips, Assorted New England Apples, Nantucket Nectars, and Poland Spring Water
$6.50 per person

Cookie and Brownie Fest
Assorted Freshly Baked Cookies, Brownies, Soft Drinks and Water
$3.75 per person

Fresh & Dried Fruits
Sliced seasonal Melons & Berries, Dried Apricots, Banana Chips, Cranberries & Apples
$7.95 per person/15 person minimum


Sliced Fresh Fruit – $3.95 each
Trail Mix – $2.95 each
Rich Fudge Brownies – $2.00 each
Cream Cheese Brownies – $2.00 each
Chocolate Truffles & Petit Fours – $31.50 per dozen
Freshly Baked Cookies – $2.00 each
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries – $31.50 per dozen
Assorted Gourmet Bar Cookies ~ Apricot Crumb, Toasted Almond, Lemon, Chocolate-Raspberry & Tiger Brownies – $2.00 each
Mini Finger Pastries – $36.00 per dozen
Ice Cream Novelties – $2.95 each
Granola Bars – $1.75 each


Freshly Brewed Pierce Bros Coffee (Regular & Decaffeinated), Teas & Accompaniments
$2.75 per person

Poland Springs Sparkling & Non-Carbonated Bottled Water
$1.95 each

V8-Vegetable Juice
$1.75 each

Assorted Cold Soft Drinks – Coke, Diet Coke, Caffeine-Free Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite, Nestea Iced Tea, Ginger Ale, Minute Maid Lemonade
$1.95 each