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Passover 2023

Preparations and service during Passover will be as follows:

Hillel Kosher Kitchen will close after dinner on Thursday, April 7 to be readied for Passover. Between April 8-14, students will be supported with kosher meals from an outside supplier.

On April 15, First night of Passover begins

  • Candle lighting 7:08pm

  • Sundown 7:28pm

  • Reformed Seders begin at 7:45pm

  • Traditional Seders begins at 8:15pm

  • Orthodox Seders begins at 9pm

From April 16 through April 23, Hillel Kosher Kitchen will be open for lunch and dinner every day with Shabbat dinners on April 21 and April 22.

  • If you are required to isolate in place during Passover, please email A HUDS team member will work with you to supply appropriate items during the course of your isolation.