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COVID Operating Procedures

November 12, 2020 - UPDATE

HUDS will continue to serve the students (and residential staff) approved to remain on campus after November 22 with dining in four locations: Currier, Kirkland, Leverett and Quincy. Individuals will be assigned to a single location for dining (as you have been through the fall).

Beginning with breakfast on Monday, November 23, those four locations will provide three meals a day, in the same manner as we have been throughout the semester (a combination of cold and hot food items, all taken to go). This will include service of a traditional Thanksgiving meal (at both lunch and dinner) in all four locations on Thursday, November 26.

We will conclude fall semester service after dinner on Saturday, December 19.


October 13, 2020 - UPDATE

Beginning on Wednesday, October 14, HUDS will serve all lunch and dinner entrees hot and ready-to-eat.  You will be able to select the proportion and combination of items you want, and all will be packed in a takeaway container.

We will continue to have soups, chilis and the range of sides and salads available cold for takeaway and re-heating as appropriate.

We can shift to this next phase of dining thanks to very high levels of community adherence to safety measures, and thanks to close coordination with state and local regulatory agencies.

Meanwhile, we continue to closely monitor your most and least favorite dishes so we can adjust the menus for the greatest variety and appeal. Keep the feedback coming!

Final note: you may still wish to take your entrees back to your room for consumption later. Please be certain to refrigerate any perishable food items - especially hot entrees - that you are not eating immediately. 



(As of July 31, 2020)

As you prepare to come to campus, we know you have questions about how dining will work. The HUDS team is eager to welcome you with dining service at Annenberg Hall and all Houses, for the traditional three meal periods per day. We estimate that meal service will begin with dinner on August 23.

During the first weeks you are on campus our team will prepare meals that are pre-packaged and chilled for take-away and reheating later. The College will provide every student with access to a micro fridge. Meals will include entrees, a selection of sides, soups and chilis, desserts, beverages and snacks. In order to maintain safe distancing among the staff during preparation and service, the menu has been reduced, but will still have a wide variety of choices. As always, menus with ingredient and nutrition information will be online and supports are in place for individuals with food allergies and special dietary needs.

This initial plan for service will continue until the College is assured of a stable, manageable rate of community transmission (ideally the first two full weeks of classes.) This complies with state goals for limiting contact with others, particularly those arriving from areas outside of New England.

As soon as reasonably possible, HUDS will transition to a more familiar style of service: preparing and serving hot food and allowing you to navigate the servery safely distanced and with controls in place for traffic flow. At this point, all items will be served by our staff. Self-service will not be an option based on state guidance.

We are hopeful at that point dining rooms will provide some limited seating, while still adhering to regulations regarding social distancing. This is still being determined.

We look forward to seeing you and supporting your Harvard experience!



  • How will service take place?
    • The dining hall will look a little different, as we take precautions to limit high-touch surfaces and cross contacts. All guests will be asked to wear masks and sanitize hands at entry. We will also have designated entry and exit points, and one-way traffic in the serving area. Staff will serve students from the available choices (no open buffets/self-service at stations like the entree line, deli line, salad bar; all items served by staff or pre-plated and pre-portioned).
  • Will we still have the same number of meal options?
    • No, because of the need to ensure that our staff are safely distanced in our kitchens for meal preparation, and because self-service is currently prohibited, the menu has been scaled down. We encourage you to maintain communication with your dining hall team, who can help you find foods to support your needs and tastes if there's a day when nothing on the menu meets your needs.
  • Will the grill be open?
    • No, this station will be used for service.
  • How will I manage allergies or special dietary needs?