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HLS Harkness Dining Room, Grill, Harkbox & Catering

HLS Cafe, Grille & Harkbox Cambridge , MA 02138


Summer Hours: Grill only, Monday through Friday, 8am-3pm


Kim Smith, Associate Director for Retail Operations
  • Baked goods & pastries
  • Espresso-based coffee drinks
  • Grab n' go salads / sandwiches
  • Grab n' go yogurt & fruits
  • Hot breakfast / oatmeal
  • Hot entrees
  • Made-to-order sandwiches
  • Pizza
  • Salad bar
  • Soups & chilis
  • World cuisines


Catering for On-Premise Events

Celebrations, meetings, conferences and more.... HUDS can support your catering needs with a menu perfect for any event or any budget, big or small. Our Catering Menu, with a core of popular ideas for any time of day, is available on EMS. But that's just a starting point! Let our team of catering professionals work with you directly to develop a menu suitable to your particular needs and tastes – we love to get creative with you! Contact our Event Managers at


Community Dining

The Harvard Law School offers two venues to meet the community's dining needs (during the academic year):

  • The Harkness Grill: Monday - Thursday, 7:30am-8pm, Friday 7:30am-5pm, and Saturday and Sunday 10am-2:30pm

  • The Harkness Dining Room: Monday - Friday, 11am-2:30pm 

The HLS Grill is your all-day dining destination on the Harvard Law School campus, here with a hearty and nutritious breakfast, speedy and diverse lunch options when you're on the weekday run, and dinner during the academic year. HLS Grill also offers weekend brunch (starting September 1) when you want to slow down and connect with your community.

The menu includes:

  • a traditional American breakfast, including oatmeal, plant-based scrambles or eggs, breakfast meats and potatoes, bagels and spreads, yogurts, cottage cheese and fruit, as well as freshly brewed Peet's Coffees

  • a quick lunch of soups, chilis, sandwiches, a daily hot entree, grill and pizza, plus grab-n-go salads, snacks and beverages

  • a hearty dinner of Global Comfort fare, pizza, grill and deli

The Harkness Dining Room opens for lunch and provide extensive choice to celebrate our diverse community. Choices include an extensive salad bar and daily soups, a deli with specialty and custom sandwiches, an American grill, and daily hot entrees and complementing sides from the American Barbecue, Plant-Forward and International stations. Halal proteins are available every day (look for the menu card marker), as are Kosher selections. 

The Harkness Dining Room also features periodic Chef Station specials, such as the World Food Day Blue Hubbard Squash soup or the Native American Heritage Month's Nasaump and Sassafras Tea.

Explore the online menu here.


Academic Year Dining Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday, 7:30am-8pm; Friday, 7:30am-5pm; Saturday - Sunday, 10:00am-2:00pm
    • The Harkness Grill: Monday - Thursday, 7:30am-8pm, Friday 7:30am-5pm, and Saturday and Sunday 10am-2:30pm

    • The Harkness Dining Room: Monday - Friday, 11am-2:30pm 


Isolation Meal Delivery

Students being supported by HLS for Isolation in place, please read more here.



Resident Meal Plan Details - 2021-22 Academic Year

HLS students living in on-campus residences will enjoy a declining balance meal plan for use at any HLS dining operation (café, grill or Harkbox). Recognizing that food is a universal connector, the meal plan was established to foster and nourish your community experience. Nothing is as unifying as a shared meal!

The meal plan follows the academic calendar and consists of two allotments of declining balance dollars  ($400 for the fall 2021 semester, uploaded on August 16; and $500 for the spring 2022 semester, uploaded on January 2). In addition, you will receive a 10% discount for any purchase made with your meal plan.


  • View the daily menu online.

  • All declining balance dollars are restricted to the foodservice operations at HLS, and cannot be used at other locations.  Additionally, meal plan dollars may only be used for food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases.

  • Special Dietary Needs: Our staff is well trained in managing and assisting with special dietary needs. You can connect with the Accessible Education Office, but are also strongly encouraged to self-identify and meet with the HUDS Café Manager as well as the HUDS Registered Dietitian, who will work with you to identify resources in support of your needs.

  • You must always present your ID card at the time of purchase to enjoy a meal using your meal plan. ID cards and meals are non-transferable.

  • Declining balance dollars will be allocated at the beginning of each semester and will roll over from the fall semester to the spring, if enrolled. Unused declining balance dollars will be forfeited at the end of the academic year (last day of exams). There will be no meal plan refunds.