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GSAS Commons

GSAS Commons (previously Dudley)
Harvard Yard
Cambridge , MA 02138




Paula Gaughan
  • Grab n' go salads / sandwiches
  • Grab n' go yogurt & fruits

Located in Harvard Yard on the first floor of Lehman Hall, GSAS Commons (formerly Dudley Cafe) serves the Harvard community as a restaurant at lunchtime and as a graduate dining hall at lunch and dinner. Ample seating makes this a lovely, central meeting spot for lunch with friends or colleagues.

GSAS Commons is also pleased to assist with any catering needs in Lehman Hall. From continental breakfasts to multi-course sit-down meals, we can help you plan a seamless event. Contact the Manager at 617-495-3381 to discuss your catering needs.

Meal Plan Details

The GSAS Commons Meal Plan is available to any Harvard affiliate (and required of the GSAS residence hall occupants). The meal plan follows the academic calendar and consists of two (2) dinners a week plus declining balance allotment ($729.60 for the fall 2019 semester and $682.02 for the spring 2020 semester) for your use at the Commons at lunch, for additional dinner meals, or to host a guest for any meal.
The meal plan is designed to encourage community, through the emphasis on participating in at least two dinners per week, while offering flexibility through the declining balance portion of the program. Board Plan students may purchase additional dinner meals for a flat rate of $15.56 (non-meal plan students, including guest meals, are charged at the walk-in rate of approximately $19.16 plus tax). Lunch items are purchased a la carte. As a rule of thumb, if each week you budgeted for $45 in declining balance spending, you could enjoy 5 meals at Dudley a week.
For example, in a week you might have:

  • 2 dinners using your swipes plus 3 lunches with a declining balance cost of $15 each

  • 3 dinners using your swipes and declining balance plus 2 lunches with a declining balance cost of $15 each  

  • 2 dinners using your swipes, a guest dinner using your declining balance dollars, plus 2 lunches with a declining balance cost of $12.95 each


  • Daily menus

  • All meals must be taken at the Commons, and cannot be transferred to other locations.

  • Kosher: You may dine at Hillel Kosher Kitchen. Please speak with the manager for further information.

  • Special Dietary Needs: Our staff is well trained in managing and assisting with special dietary needs. Please contact the manager to discuss how we may best assist you.

  • Residents are permitted to host guests at the Commons. A maximum of 4 guests can be brought during a meal period. The guest's meal can be charged against the resident host's declining balance dollars or may be paid with cash, Crimson Cash or credit card.

  • Lunch may be purchased with declining balance dollars, cash, Crimson Cash or credit card.

  • Dinner is an “all you care to eat” buffet. Dinner meals will first be deducted from your weekly swipe allotment, and then will be charged against your declining balance dollars at the discounted Student Meal Plan rate of $15.56.

  • Bag Meals are available weekdays for lunch or dinner in the event you are unable to come to a meal. Bag meals will first be deducted from your weekly swipe allotment, and then will be charged against your declining balance dollars at the discounted Student Meal Plan rate of $15.56. Bag meals must be ordered 24 hours in advance. Order forms are available in the Commons and online.

  • You must always present your ID card at the time of purchase to enjoy a meal at the Commons. ID cards and meals are non-transferable.

  • Meal Plan participants are allowed one meal swipe per meal period.

  • Unused meal swipes are not transferable towards the next week and will be forfeited weekly (after dinner on Fridays).

  • Declining balance dollars will be allocated at the beginning of each semester and will roll over from the fall semester to the spring, if enrolled. Unused declining balance dollars will be forfeited at the end of the academic year.

  • Food may not be removed from the cafe at dinner unless it is part of a bag meal. To-go containers such as tupperware are prohibited.

HOUSE ADMINISTRATORS: The Commons Meal Pool for Fellows, RAs, Staff and Senior Common Room Members consists of a designated number of meals a week (as determined by your role). At dinner, you must simply present your ID for a "swipe." At lunch, you are eligible for a meal up to a $10 value. Any lunch costs above that value can be paid with cash, Crimson Cash or credit card. Bag meals may be ordered for lunch or dinner and would be deducted as a single meal. Meal Pool participants may only use one swipe per meal period for personal use. Meals may not be used to host guests.



Meal Plan Order Form  
Meal Plan for 2019-20

  • Meal Plan Fall Term - $1,236.55 ($729 included see below)
  • Meal Plan Spring Term - $1,189.55 ($682 included see below)

Note: The meal plan is for a full year and may not  be cancelled.
(This sign-up is intended only for individuals not living in GSAS Residence Halls.) You must submit a check or money order or charge to your term bill.


Important Dates:

Closed for Monday holidays, Thanksgiving the the following Friday, Winter Recess and Spring Break


Regular Hours

LUN: M-F, 11:30am - 2:30pm // DIN: 5-8pm;