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GSAS Commons

GSAS Commons (previously Dudley)
Harvard Yard
Cambridge , MA 02138 42° 22' 28.794" N, 71° 7' 11.0568" W


LUN: M-F, 11:30am - 2:30pm // DIN: 5-8pm


Paula Gaughan
  • Baked goods & pastries
  • Grab n' go salads / sandwiches
  • Grab n' go yogurt & fruits
  • Hot entrees
  • Made-to-order sandwiches
  • Salad bar
  • Soups & chilis
  • World cuisines

Located in Harvard Yard on the first floor of Lehman Hall, GSAS Commons serves the Harvard community, with a special focus on the graduate and professional school students of GSAS, at lunch and dinner. Ample seating makes this a lovely, central meeting spot for a meal with friends or colleagues.

At lunch, we feature rice and noodle bowls, including hearty ramen, green curry and teriyaki with your choice of plant proteins, meats and veggies; quesadillas, burritos and Mexican-inspired bowls; and an extensive salad bar with crudite, roasted vegetables and a range of greens, toppings and proteins. We also have daily soups, snacks and beverages. All selections include extensive choices for vegans and vegetarians. All selections are a la carte.

At dinner enjoy global cuisines, classic comforts, or simple staples, all sold by the ounce to allow you to control your portions and components, plus a comprehensive salad bar, soups and beverages. Once again, the menus feature extensive options for each individual's dietary needs. All selections are a la carte.


Meal Plan Details

Recognizing that food is a universal connector, HUDS has two meal plans to foster and nourish your community experience. Nothing is as unifying as a shared meal!


GSAS Commons Meal Plan Benefits/Reminders:

  • Daily menus

  • Kosher: You may dine at Hillel Kosher Kitchen. Please speak with the manager for further information.

  • Special Dietary Needs: Our staff is well trained in managing and assisting with special dietary needs. Please register with Harvard's Accessible Education Office. They will then connect you with our registered dietitian and dining hall management team to create an appropriate accomodation plan.

  • Bag Meals are available weekdays for lunch or dinner in the event you are unable to come to a meal. Bag meals will be charged against your declining balance dollars at the discounted Student Meal Plan rate of $16.16. Bag meals must be ordered 24 hours in advance. Order forms are available in the Commons and online.

  • You must always present your ID card at the time of purchase to enjoy a meal at the Commons. ID cards are non-transferable.

  • Declining balance dollars will be allocated at the beginning of each semester and will roll over from the fall semester to the spring, if enrolled. Unused declining balance dollars will be forfeited at the end of the academic year.


HOUSE ADMINISTRATORS: The Commons Meal Pool for Fellows, RAs, Staff and Senior Common Room Members consists of a designated number of meals a week (as determined by your role). At dinner, you must simply present your ID for a "swipe." At lunch, you are eligible for a meal up to a $10 value. Any lunch costs above that value can be paid with cash, Crimson Cash or credit card. Bag meals may be ordered for lunch or dinner and would be deducted as a single meal. Meal Pool participants may only use one swipe per meal period for personal use. Meals may not be used to host guests.



Meal Plan for 2022-23

  • Meal Plan Fall Term - $1,413 in declining balance
  • Meal Plan Spring Term - $1,256 in declining balance

Note: The meal plan is for a full year and may not  be cancelled.
(This sign-up is intended only for individuals not living in GSAS Residence Halls.) You must submit a check or money order or charge to your term bill.


Important Dates:

Closed for Monday holidays, Thanksgiving the the following Friday, Winter Recess and Spring Break